Are you trustworthy?

Jan 17, 2017 | Mindset

I’m a very trustworthy person – I have absolutely no problem keeping my word. 

When it comes to others, that is! 

Truth be told, I stink at keeping my word to myself.  I get stuck in the I’ll start on Monday loop, generally with some grandiose plan to completely overhaul my diet and exercise schedule to one that looks like I’ve a lifelong gym rat, all in one fail swoop.  Then, Sunday comes and I can’t face the thought of actually getting started Monday.  The plan is so unrealistic that if my girlfriend came to me with the same idea, I would think she’s lost her mind – so why do I do it?  As a result, I just end up lying to myself, which leads to self-doubt that I’ll follow through with the next thing I want to do.

I’m making a vow to step away from the grandiose, perfect world, pie in the sky, plans.  From now on, it’s about keeping my word to myself and making forward progress, however small that is.  To do this, I have to:

     1) lighten up and break my goals down in reasonable stages, so it’s not all or nothing and

     2) I have to follow through.  I’m using this framework to rebuild my credibility with myself again. 

If there’s one person in the world we should be able to trust, it’s ourselves!

With these things in mind, I had a little win this morning.  As you may know, my fitness goal right now is to get some kind of movement in 4-5 days per week.  I’m coming off an extended period of not working out, so in honor of step 1 above, I’m not going crazy with specifying  an hour of this or than right now.  My only focus right now is to build the momentum, so any intentional movement checks the box.

I sent the intention before bed last night to get up extra early and do a 20 minute yoga video, but try and try as I might, I couldn’t go to sleep.  Before I knew it, I looked at the clock and I had to wake up in four and half hours.  All I could think about is that I’m way too tired to get up and do my video as planned.  Oh no, I’ve done it again, I broke my word.  Where is the follow through? 

But wait, there’s a compromise – remember I’m letting go of the black and white, all or nothing, mentality.  I can’t lose sight of the true goal – to move.  It’s not about that particular video at all.  So…I split the difference, I got an 15 extra minutes of sleep and then I roll out of bed and did 10 minutes of yoga, right beside the bed – no video, no yoga room, just freestyle!  I chose the path of least resistance and I kept my word – I moved – and I gain just a little bit more credibility!  Win for me!  Woot woot!

We have to stop beating ourselves up with the idea of perfection and just be satisfied making the best choice we can in the moment. Just focus on taking one step forward, however small that is.

 All of those tiny steps will turn into something big when you least expect it.