Let’s get started!

Jan 15, 2017 | General


2016 definitely didn’t end the way I hoped – I’m out of shape, making poor food choices, my weight has crept up, and my ulcerative colitis is angry and letting me know all about it.

I’m tired of feeling sick and tired, and truth be told, I’m tired of endlessly searching for answers elsewhere, so I’m embarking on what I’m calling The Radiant You Project (and I’m bring you along for accountability).

So what’s the plan?

This isn’t going to be about labeling myself with a particular diet or philosophy, nor is it going to be about being perfect. It’s is going to be about my journey to heal my ulcerative colitis and feel better about myself by focusing on what I eat, how I move, and how I manage stress and sleep. My goal is to experiment and listen to my body, uncovering the blueprint that brings me closer to amazing health and radiance.

To start this journey, I’m kicking the mind-body connection into overdrive with yoga teacher training, which starts next week – eeek! To be completely honest with you, I’m scared to death. I absolutely love yoga, and I wholeheartedly embrace yogic philosophy. However, I struggle with consistency and this hasn’t been truer as of late. I feel totally intimidated and completely unprepared, but I know in my soul that this is part of my healing journey and it has to happen now, so here’s to laughing in the face of fear! HA! Let’s get the yoga party started!

In addition to yoga teacher training, my first step is to focus on the following:

  • Eliminating the processed junk from my diet – my goal is to cook more, eat out less
  • Drinking more water – my goal is half my body weight in water each day
  • Getting more sleep – my goal is a minimum of 7 hours of sleep per night, 8 would be best
  • Moving my bod, most days of the week – my goal to start is 4-5, up we’ll definitely up this later

I promise you now, I will not be perfect. As I’ve said before, this is going to be an experiment of sorts, a trial and error system of figuring out what works and what doesn’t for me. There will be winners along the way, but I sure they are bound to be a few failures too – all that I will openly and honestly share with you.

This is just the beginning!  Stay tuned.